New Professionals to Dublin need to complete these 5 Steps

Renting can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you.

Posted on 26 Nov 2015 by Colin Napper

5 Steps New Professionals to Dublin Need to Complete

Having placed many new professionals within our short term rental properties in Dublin the vast majority have the same agenda as soon as they arrive. So if you’re new to Dublin in one of our short term rental properties or you’re on your way here is the 5 things you need to know.

1. Getting an address
It’s the very first step to being recognised as an active member of the work force. Depending on the duration of the stay within our short term rental properties you can use this and many of our guests do.

2. Get your PPS number
Once you have your address it then becomes possible to get your PPS number (Personal Public Service Number). You must attend the PPS allocation Service Office, for all of our guests in Dublin you can find the details here. It is important to know that you will need an address in Ireland to apply for your PPS.

3. Open a Bank Account
Once you have an address and now your new PPS number you can now open a bank account. There are lots of options for opening a new bank account and you can find an excellent resource for making that decision on Shop around for what suits your requirements as there are a number that offer free banking.

4. Get a Job or Start to Focus on Your New Job
Now that you have the essentials in place you can look forward to getting your first pay check, so now it’s time to start focusing on the job at hand. For the professionals who have not found a permanent position the next step is looking for the right job for you. I would recommend checking out LinkedIn Jobs of Glassdoor for an insight on what positions suit you and are located in Dublin.

5. Make friends
There is so much to experience outside of work within Dublin and many of our new professionals residing in Dublin start looking at hobbies and meetups as an excellent way of meeting new friends. Depending on the size of your workplace there is normally ample social clubs and after work activities to get to meet your co-workers, Friday after work pints is a favourite of mine.