Best Apps to use for your Dublin Stay

Renting can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you.

Posted on 6 Feb 2016 by Colin Napper

Useful apps for a short term stay in Dublin

Dublin Bus
This really is a great way to get to one part of the city to the next or even to and from the airport. The app allows you sync in your location and gives you Real Time information on the bus arrival. I think this is a great feature as the weather in Dublin can be very unpredictable and this allows you stay in comfort until your need to travel get a LEAP card here is a list of agents to buy a leap card in.
Leap cards allow you to jump on and off any public transport in Dublin for 20% less than the actual fare and they are very handy as bus services only take exact change.

This really is one of my most used apps, you can Hailo a taxi to your exact location instantly and pay by a synced in Credit or Debit card. One of the fantastic things about the hailo app is that by using this references code Andre7004 you get a free €10 which you can use off your first fare. Once you download and sign up make sure to enter the code. The Hailo app is great to give you an exact time of arrival of your taxi and makes the travel safe and trustworthy. You can even rate your taxi driver and even give him a tip.

City Sightseeing Dublin

Many of our guests use City Sightseeing Dublin bus tours to get to know more about the history of Dublin. Its also great from getting from one part of the city to the next with a jump on jump off service. The app is free with many links to understand tourist favourites, it can give some information at your fingertips including links to buy tickets etc. Its worth a download to get an idea of what may be of interest

Dublin Bikes
If you’re a cyclist or want to get from your apartment to do some adventuring I would recommend the Dublin Bikes App. Dublin bikes allow you to collect a bike from a bike station and return it at the next bike station for free if its done within 30 minutes. Through the app you can find your nearest pick up and drop off destination station. The bikes come with lights and a basket but no helmet so please mind yourself if your not familiar with roads etc. You’re not permitted to cycle on paths but there is cycling routes around the city but what’s better is outside of the city. A favourite is the coastal cycle around Dublin bay.

Similar to the Dublin bus app the Luas app allows you travel around Dublin City by Tram (LUAS). The app gives you the nearest location and drop off station. Its best using your Leap card again and don’t forget to swipe off the platform as you get off, if you don’t you will be charged for the full journey on the line. The app gives Real Time Data along with fares, duration times etc.

New in a city and unsure where to eat? Not sure if that little restaurant you see is actually any good because you see no one inside? Why not check out the reviews on Tripadvisor? Well that’s what I tend to do and its fairly reliable in my opinion. There is also ample forums, recommendations and advocates of Dublin just waiting to answer some of your questions. Maybe you could rate your stay with one of our properties.

I love this app anytime I travel to new cities, it allows you find somewhere cheap to eat, some entertainment, drinks, gifts etc. The app allows companies offer promotions to people in the city, make sure to check the conditions of any offer as sometimes they may not be valid at weekends etc.

Irish Rail
Want to travel to a fishing village or countryside tour outside of Dublin? Irish rail app gives you real time data and routes for inner city travel (DART) and suburban rail services along with cross country. The app allows you find nearest stations, what route to take and where to get yoru next train. Your leap card can be used here again and it’s a pretty cool way to spend the day outside of the city.

Ok so you had a great day on the road checking out everything, or perhaps your in Dublin working and come in hungry. Don’t fancy cooking? Looking for a Chinese, Pizza or perhaps a traditional Fish and Chips? Well load up the app select your location, your type of food and find lots of local restaurants and take aways looking to deliver to your apartment door. Normally add a couple of € for a delivery charge and it takes on average of 45 minutes for your food to arrive.