How Letting Agents Dublin can help to find a good property?

Renting can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you.

Posted on 12 Jan 2021 by Andreas Riha

Letting Agents Dublin

Whether you are a tenant or the landlord, the peace of mind is necessary when you are renting a property. There is a lot of trusts that are involved: a landlord lets their property to a stranger while the tenant puts their trust in the stranger for providing them with a home. A letting agent could be the intermediary who takes the hassles out of the procedure.

What does the letting agent do?

If you have a property then you would not have to deal with the stress of vetting the tenants and you can show a reliance on the letting agent as they have an access to both professional as well as reliable tenants. For discerning landlords, the letting agents in Dublin have a database of suitable tenants who looks for specific accommodation types.

So what does the tenants gain through the letting agent like us?

For tenants, the advantage is that the letting agent can help you find the right property. Instead of trawling through the internet listings and looking through wholly unsuitable properties, a letting agent can employ their years of letting experience for helping you find the perfect property for your requirements. These agents come with a database of the potential tenants and provide years of knowledge and experience as well.

Coming to the landlord, from the point of view of the landlord’s a letting agent’s main priority is securing the right tenants for the property. A letting agent would vet the potential tenants, check the bank references and previous landlord references and also arrange the viewings. On top of that if a match is found then they will handle the security deposit so it takes a lot of burden off the prospective landlord.

Why the choice of the right tenant matters?

Property Management Experts

For landlords who are based elsewhere or who are busy, a letting agent takes on the responsibilities of viewing, the vetting and follow-ups which are necessary without the owner ever having to move within the apartment.

Why landlords rely on property management experts?

The residential property management experts are hired by the landlords because the service landlord could carry out the regular inspections, organizes the maintenance as well as repair and would make sure that there is adequate compliance with relevant laws as well as regulations. If you want to understand the benefit of hiring an expert then you can imagine a scenario where you are a landlord who is away on the holidays. You get a phone call from the distressed tenants as the shower is broken. If you cannot get in touch with the plumber then you are going to come home as an unhappy tenant. However, along with a managed service, the tenant only has to call the agent who has the team of specialists on hand. This is where the peace of mind truly comes in.

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