How to choose a reliable Property Management Company in Dublin?

Renting can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you.

Posted on 19 Jan 2021 by Andreas Riha

Reliable Property Management Company

Property Management Company provides the services of overseeing and managing physical property. These properties can be residential, commercial, and even industrial real estate.

The corporation shall appoint property Managers to oversee a specific property’s operations and management on behalf of that property owner. Property Managers do this in exchange for a percentage of the rent generated from the property or a specific fee amount.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Property Manager

– Making necessary repairing of property such as repairing a broken tap.

– Collecting security deposits from tenants and negotiating leases with them.

– Coming up with rental rates after surveying the local rates.

– Attracting tenants through advertising.

– Screening the tenants based on assurance to pay their rent.

– Settling disputes in case of any violation of landlord-tenants law.

– Maintaining an accurate financial report.

Skills Required

– Good management and operational skills.

– Developed communication skills

– Professionalism

– Negotiation capability

– Time management

– Strong organizational skills

– Well informed about landlord-tenants law.

– Ability to boost sales.

As you can see, the property manager’s job is very critical for the effective management of the property. Therefore, an owner must look for a company that is not only reliable but also transparent. Choosing the right property management company can be one heck of a task. It is highly recommended that you keep in mind the following points while hiring a company.

Property Management Company in Dublin

Tips for Hiring

1. Meet in Person:

It is always better to meet them in person to get familiar with the people you may hire in the future. You must not handover your property income to someone over a phone call. Otherwise, it could be hazardous.

2. Properties-Employee Ratio:

Look for a company with a manageable property/ employee ratio. If a company undertakes 100 properties with only three property managers, then it is quite clear that the quality of service the property owner will receive will be very substandard.

3. Appropriate Insurance:

Make sure that the company provides you enough insurance for your protection. Also, check if the assigned Property Manager has appropriate property-casualty insurance, general liability insurance, and errors and omissions (E&O) policies.

4. Go Through the Property Management Agreement:

Generally, the settlement includes the services rendered by them, the length of duration of the contract, and the termination clauses.

Before signing off the contract, make sure to read it thoroughly. If possible, make modifications and confirm that they cover all you requested and verify that there are no other unfavorable clauses.

5. Check Their Reviews:

Finally, go through their feedback on Google and different websites before setting up a meeting with the company. You can look up the comment on their Facebook page for a better insight into the company.


Use the above tips for hiring a good Property Manager. Do not rush through the entire process. Take time and do the necessary. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions; after all, this is a matter of your asset’s proper maintenance.