Lack of rental properties in Dublin slowing economic growth

Renting can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you.

Posted on 29 Feb 2016 by Colin Napper

Job announcements were of high priority for Fine Gael in the recent weeks as the party rallied to generate awareness of its success in economic growth during its time in power. But what wasn’t highlighted during its Rally was the issues new workers re locating and migrating to Dublin were facing…. A Problem finding housing.

We interviewed one of our tenants in a short term corporate lettings on what had her staying in one of our short term properties in Dublin 1. Lara is a 30 year old Dutch sales consultant working for a blue-chip corporate client of ours in Dublin 3. Her employer frequently uses our services for short term corporate rentals when relocating staff from across Europe and beyond.

Swipe Property (SP) – So Lara what has you working in Dublin and how are you finding your time in Dublin to date?
Lara (L) –I have been working in IT sales for 5 years now back in Eindhoven and I was head hunted by a recruiter for my new employer who asked if I was interested in relocating to Dublin and moving my career forward.

SP – Were you easily persuaded?
L – Well I was working with a small IT company in a niche market and I always wanted to travel but never had the opportunity. I saw it as an opportunity I couldn’t refuse and my new employer was covering all my relocation costs, a very competitive package and I heard some great reviews of Dublin from friends.

SP – So how long are you in Dublin now and what have been your main challenges?
L – I am in Dublin 7 weeks now, I have really enjoyed it to date. I have had a number of challenges with finding a new home and getting accustomed to the Dublin accent… you guys talk so fast.

SP– Well we cant do much about the accent but please tell me more about the challenges in finding a new home.
L – Well the first was arranging to see apartments, there just doesn’t seem to be anyone wanting to call me back after emailing an enquiry, then when you do get a viewing if the apartment is nice there is a line of people to view it. In comparison to my salary to find a 1 bedroom property I must have to nearly commit 45% of my salary to rent, that’s the real problem. In fact I have thought it nearly not worth while working here as it’s just to pay my living costs.

SP– There is certainly a shortage of good rental units in Dublin at the moment. How many viewings did you attend to secure your home and have you any tips to share?
L – I think I viewed about 12 different apartments, I enquired about a lot more and had a number of viewings cancelled at last minute but viewed about 12. I quickly realised that going empty handed was a mistake, by my forth viewing I was bringing all my paperwork and a cash deposit to every viewing. I would say if you don’t do this you must get lucky as most people do and the landlord or agent is happy to take these on the night.

SP – Well we certainly are glad you found your new home and wished we could have placed you but we had nothing suitable for 1 person at the time. But before I let you go can I ask would you recommend Swipe Property for a short term letting in Dublin?
L – Yeah it was nice staying with you, I would certainly say staying in a serviced apartment was great, I wish I could have someone change my linen and towels in my new home.. Lara Laughs.


A big thanks to Lara for sharing her story with us, we would love to talk with you if you are a tenant, landlord, or company and have a story to share about the Dublin Property Market.

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