Marketing your Rental Property in Dublin

Renting can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you.

Posted on 27 Feb 2016 by Colin Napper

Marketing rental properties in Dublin with Swipe Property
Over the years marketing you rental property has significantly advanced with technology advancing, but in reality the majority of letting agents and landlords have not advanced the way they market a property. Now I know there is the complaint “all you have to do is place an ad online and they will be queuing around the corner”, sure I get that but any person can rent a property in Dublin at the moment but it takes a good agent to find you the ideal tenant.
Marketing to find the ideal tenant
At Swipe Property we have advanced significantly with technology and use the vast majority of what is available to us to market your property to the masses in a bid to find you your ideal tenant.

Video Tour
This really helps tenants gauge if the property is for them. They have become extremely popular among corporate clients and time consumed professionals who really find it difficult to make a scheduled or even private viewing. By sharing professional video tours of your property we are opening the viewing doors to your total available market.

Live Virtual Viewings
Similar to the above this allows us use the latest available technology to stream live video tours, recently it’s even become popular for couples to sync in separately from their workplace and discuss the features as the viewing is taking place. Tenants really love this as they can really explore each and every corner of the unit as if they were there.

Corporate Database
Based on our time in the industry we have partnered with many blue chip and corporate clients across the city looking for properties for new employees and short – mid term stays for travelling management. This really helps you achieve the 12%+ rental yields which some of our landlords and property investors can’t get enough of.
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Property Portals
There is no secret here; we use all the best property portals to get the results needed. No expense is spared in our marketing budget and no expense is passed on to you the landlord for marketing. Recently we have also started marketing with portals outside of Ireland for travelling Corporate clients.

Tenant Database
All these showings and marketing efforts allow us capture a large tenant database of actively seeking tenants looking for a home just like yours. Obviously with the tenants permission we share with them all our latest units and can arrange viewings within 24 hours of your ideal tenant matched if requested. In fact you can enquire today for free about the profiles available to see what matches your requirements.

It may not be using any technology but it says a lot when we place a tenant into a property for them to pass on our details to friends and co-workers.

Making Results Happen
These are just a number of the ways we use technology to advance your new tenant placement service. With over 25 years experience between the directors of Swipe Property you can rest assured that we have an eye for the ideal tenant, so why not reach out to us today and let us know your requirements.