Swipe: The Dublin Property Management Company Like No Other

Renting can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you.

Posted on 15 Feb 2022 by Colin Napper

Swipe Property Management are short term rental experts specialising in providing the best, most reliable and customer focused service in Ireland’s capital city. We aim to provide the most personable and profitable experience without the rigours of going through larger corporations, and in doing so ensure that your specific needs are tailored to. Our success comes not least from our 20 years of experience as licensed property managers and the garnered expertise in the field – but our genuine passion in how we contribute our specialist skills to our property management company. 

With COVID-19 spawning the increased demand for flexible working, Dublin has become a hotspot for short to medium term arrivals. In fact, some 88% of people who were able to work from home have expressed desire to continue doing so once restrictions ease. Considering this mass shift in professional culture, the opportunity for the generation of greater profit margins through short term rentals is sustainable – and research projects this trend to continue. However, whether or not these profit thresholds are met to their full potential comes down to who you trust with managing your home. A combination of extensive overhead fees, poor tennant selectivity and overall bad management can be what makes the experience more hassle than it’s worth, but at Swipe Property Management we offer a unique approach that favours the client and their home’s safety, satisfaction and security over unnecessary cash grabs and mass-corporate agendas. 

Our lucrative tenant selection process ensures that we subject prospective tenants to a thorough vetting process, reinforcing the security of your home as our top priority. In doing so we make sure that they are trustworthy both financially and socially – and so reduce risks of late payments, antisocial behaviour or damage to your home. Furthermore, we have an excellent insurance policy which extends to rent payments, making sure there is no chargeback to your card and unnecessary penalties. At Swipe Property Management Dublin, we really do have the best interests of our clients at heart, reflected not least by our extremely high satisfaction rates. Best Guests, Best Stay, Best Rent. It’s a win for everyone involved. 

We operate on extended working hours meaning that someone is always available to communicate with you to some extent, with out of hours Whatsapp and live chat through the Swipe Property Management website. From initial consultation, to your 500th short term letting, someone is there for you every step of the way, tending to all of the nuances of property management so that you don’t have to. We offer the option of creating a tailored availability calendar that you can update in real time, and in return we will work around your needs to ensure your home and bank account are filled whilst you are away. 

Less overhead fees, advanced tenant referencing, expert local knowledge… Swipe Property Management is where you come for a reliable, stress free experience and greater financial returns, with informed and realistic valuations, informed by our 20+ years of know-how – so you can always expect full transparency and have an accurate estimation of how much you can expect to make. 

Want to know more? Contact us directly on +353 1 525 2353 or info@swipeproperty.ie and arrange a phone consultation today.