What do you need to know before choosing short term apartment rentals?

Renting can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you.

Posted on 11 Jan 2021 by Andreas Riha

Short Term Apartment Rentals

In the world of real estate, renting out a property or rather leasing of the property is one of the most common types of property investments. This is also a well-known source of income which has been around for centuries. One type of rentals that has become increasingly popular is the short term apartment rentals.

Short term apartment rentals- What does it specify?

Short term rental properties are those in which the owner of the property rents out the fully furnished home for a short term stay. These properties have gained momentum in recent years for their flexibility. These are flexible and allows the travellers to rent anywhere from few days to few months. Also called as the vacation rentals, these furnished apartments, condos or the houses lets the renters feel more at home. These spaces could be more appealing than the hotels as the prices, furnishings and the amount of space these can provide is pretty huge. 

The properties are popular amongst the holiday goers, business travelers and the locals who search for a place to spend a staycation. These properties tend to be rented out for anywhere between few days to months, although the latter is quite rare.

Below are some benefits that the short term rental properties could provide- 

1. Flexibility

Just like an owner, the tenants have the option of choosing the time they want to stay and leave. There is no obligation of staying for some time. The long term rentals require staying for some time. However, this is not the obligation for short term rental. If you go and try acquiring it then you will find that the cost of such rental is higher than the long term. But the flexibility and other benefits make it preferable for travellers.
Are you wondering what the other benefits are that this property type provides? Let us know more about these benefits-

2. Completely furnished

Most of the short term rental is fully furnished which means that the tenants need not worry about buying more furniture or the appliances. You are likely to find a place which is well equipped and that provides a comfy stay.

3. Better than hotels

Many short term rentals are like the hotels and these offer excellent amenities, spacious accommodation and comfort at relatively affordable prices.

Short Term Rental Properties

4. Privacy and space

If you compare the short term rentals to the hotels then you will find them offering a greater degree of privacy and space. One also feels more at home as they stay in a sterile and bland hotel room. These could be an important factor especially for those who might be searching for a place for entertaining the family, friends, work colleagues as well as others. There is acquired somewhere to stay with these rentals.

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